Liberal Studies: Gun Violence in the US (Primary 6 or above)

This is a brief overview of the gun violence issue I’ve compiled for my lesson. 


What is a mass shooting? Shooting in which 4 or more victims have been shot or killed.

1982-2006: 40 mass shootings averaging 1.6/year

2007- May 2018: 61 mass shootings averaging 5.4/year

64% of homicides in the US involve firearms, rank 1 in the world as the country with the most civilian-gun owners

US government/law levels: federal, state, local

Second Amendment

Most recent mass shootings: November 8, Country Music Bar in California (12 dead)

November 19, Chicago Mercy Hospital (4 dead)


Involved parties and their stance:

National Rifle Association

  • More mass shootings means greater need to carry weapons to protect ourselves
  • officially spend $3 million on lobbying gun policies
  • $250 million per year to endorse legislators
  • Receive funding from gun manufacturers
  • 1977 formed own Political Action Committee with their own letter grades rating of politicians based on how supportive of the NRA they are
  • Bill pending: everyone has a right to carry concealed weapons

Sales of firearms tend to increase after mass shootings because people fear new regulations will affect the selling and buying of guns


*American College of Physicians

  • Guns involved in numerous homicides and suicides in the US (**especially suicides)
  • => public health approach
  • Annals of Internal Medicine: 1) doctors to ask patients more regularly if they carry a gun and counsel them on safe gun practices 2) to voice support for temporarily banning of guns from patients a risk to themselves and/or others
  • #Thisisourlane on Twitter


Mass Shooters:

  • high accessibility to guns
  • mental health issues and the lack of treatment (controversial)
  • tend to be male
  • a long history of being bullied


General Public

  • majority dissatisfied with US gun laws and policies-> should be stricter
  • both Republicans and Democrats agree that sale of guns should be restricted for the mentally ill and those on the “watch-list”
  • schools should
  • Republicans: conceal carries allowed in more places; teachers and officials to carry guns at school, don’t ban semi-automatic rifles
  • 1 in 5 gun owners are members of NRA





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